The art pieces below are  part of an on-going series, focusing on art, left for discovery in many cities of Europe and the US.  In particular, the pieces below belong to the LOS ANGELES edition of the series.  

As has been for all pieces in this “Cities” series, pieces have been cut and distributed for discovery in many cities of Europe and the US, and large “gallery-cut” pieces have been set aside for future gallery exhibition.


About “The Ones” Poem

The motivation behind creation of “The Ones” poem, was to compose a commemorative work dedicated to “The Ones”, a figurative group of people that anyone can identify with as their ancestors, predecessors or “ones” that existed, sacrificed, or performed the work that has made the lives, livelihood, or pursuits we each enjoy possible. The “ones” that come to mind for one person may differ from the “ones” of another. However, this poem was created to give respect to ALL of the “ones”. 

The poem has been encoded and painted across 10 large black canvas of varying sizes. Each of the 10 canvas contains two lines of the 20-line poem, encoded in ETMCA’s unique delimited wildstyle codes. The first five of these ten canvas have been assigned to Los Angeles. While the others are to be placed in another city (or cities), which has not yet been disclosed.

Those of you that are familiar with morse code are free to attempt your own translations.  For everyone else,  translations of the first 5 have been provided below, before each canvas image.  Translations of the remaining 5 canvas will be provided once they have been cut and placed in another city (or cities).


Images and Translations

1-  This is for the ones that escaped, that live in defiance of the demise of a demographic…

2-  …that they defend for a lifetime, while powerless to define…

3-  This is for the ones that cracked the code, cast from clay, then broken mold,…

4-  …tasked to talk truth, when truth’s untold, too far past the point to postpone the goal,…
5-  …the early ones that paved the way, late in the day…