Today, I mention two bookstores in Venice, where art pieces, cut from the large art work (shown below), are located.  If you, or a friend is in the area, you may find this art in a book. The artist, Stanley Brouwn, is said to have once proclaimed all shoeshops in Amsterdam as an exhibit of his work. …Perhaps one should be so ambitious.

Bookstore #1 – There are a few pics of Venetian bookstores’ storefronts, on a blog by someone named Anne Jansen. She calls the bookstore section Bibliomania.   I do not know Anne, and saw her blog for the first time yesterday (“Hello Anne. Good to meet you. Nice bookstore pics. btw, I visited a bookstore that was not on your blog, named *Libri Curiosi Scontati” ).

Art pieces may be discovered in one of the following bookstores:
La Tolleta
Libreria Goldini
Libreria Acqua Alta

Bookstore #2 – Also, there are tangible art pieces exhibited for collection within books at one other bookstore, which is not found on Anne’s blog*.

( This art piece is part of an on-going series. In each work, the encoded message is the name of the city where it’s been placed. This piece is for the city of Venice. )

In Discovery Art…
… any object can be a container of the Art, as long as the Art remains unseen until its intended discovery. It can be an object created by the artist (discovery art sculpture) or a pre-existing object, re-appropriated by the artist. The vehicle of choice used for the expression of choice may vary, as much as the artform(s) of choice, found within . Gesamtkunstwerk!
Today, in Venice, ITALY, I continue to explore the book as an unseen, “go-between” space, between the artist’s experience and the observer-collector’s experience.

Title : Venice

Dimensions of Un-cut Art: 42 x 60 in (107 x 152 cm)

The above art piece has been cut into 18 pieces, to form an 18-piece polyptych. One large piece has been reserved for future display. The other pieces, have been placed for discovery in locations in Venice, ITALY in the 2013 year of the Venice Biennale.